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How all this started

After a peace treaty about free interplanetary traffic was concluded 150 years ago, the whole space has been turned into a giant floating trash infested with litter; meteorites deviated from their trajectories and with wild pirates, each of them representing a deadly danger for the peaceful navigators. That is the reason why the Governors of the Sidereal Spaces have created this Special Fast Intervention Patrol with the mission to clear the sidereal ways of these nuisances and to improve the safety of the voyagers. This elite unit has been named POWERMANGA. You have been selected to patrol a Spaceship of this unit and you are going to fly along the Milky Way in a fine Space vessel. But be careful to keep away from the streams of meteorites that will charge you periodically. Also avoid the Wardens, those pirates who try to racket you and steal your energy and your food or even try to disintegrate your Spaceship.

The energy that you collect allows you to repair the damages caused by these fights. If by chance, you load energy to the limits of your Spaceship, you will start a thermonuclear process that will turn to ashes and dust any enemy.

How to use the menus?

Using the Up or Down arrowed keys to move along the lines of the menus and validate with the SPACE or the ENTER key. Pressing ESC takes you back to the previous menu.

Description of the main menu

Powermanga screenshot menu
Start a new game
to place an order for this game
Credits to the authors of this games
Select to leave the game

Useful Keystrokes while playing

To move the Spaceship
To shoot
To acquire an activated option
To display the menu (You come back to the play with a second stroke on ESC)
To pause the game (a new stroke on P and you resume the game)
To change from the Full screen view to the windowed

Description of the PLAY screen

Powermanga first guard
  1. Level of life of the guardian
  2. Level of life of the player.
  3. Player's score
  4. Score are multiplied by 2 or 4
  5. Change of Spaceship
  6. Rear shot Force 2
  7. Rear shot Force 1
  8. Right shot Force 2
  9. Right shot Force 1
  10. Left shot Force 2
  11. Left shot Force 1
  12. Front shot Force 1
  13. Front shot Force 2
  14. Spaceship repair
  15. Speed Booster

The level of energy still available to run the Spaceship is circled with green (Mark 1 for guardians and 3 for your space ship).

The option that can be acquired is circled with yellow (Mark 11).

Evolution of the Spaceship

Bonus to be collected

When you destroy an enemy or a meteorite, gems may come out randomly. Weaker is your ship and higher is the probability to collect some gems. The winning strategy consists in gathering as many gems as possible with the first vessels that you pilot.

There are 5 kinds of gems; each has a different power.

A green gem gem green promotes you up of one level in the range of the available options.

A red gem red green is worth two greens gem green.

A purple gem gem purple restores the level of energy of the Spaceship. If the level is already at its maximum, a powerful circular shock wave is propagated by the Spaceship that destroys everything it strikes.

Powermanga circular shock wave

The yellow gems gem yellow provide your Spaceship with orbital satellite protections that protect you from being hit by enemy's fire. These protections can be damaged too. If you can gather 6 satellites, they will attack the opponent with powerful electrical shocks each time you fire.

Notice that the yellow gems gem yellow restore the energy of your satellites.

Powermanga powerful electrical shocks

The blue gems gem blue increase your score. You can have them multiplied by 2 or 4.

Description of the available options

Get a new Spaceship

Powermanga new spaceshipThis option allows you to get a new Spaceship. The new ship will be more resistant and more powerful but it will take longer to repair. When you get a new ship all other options will be downgraded by one level. The guns as well as the orbital satellite protections will be lost. When your Spaceship has lost the totality of its energy supply, you will go back to the ship of the previous level and further down to the first basic vessel with which you started the game.

Ship repair

Powermanga Ship repairThis option restores part of the energy supply of the vessel. It can be useful for the large powerful vessels which take a long time to be serviced.

Increase the speed

Powermanga Increase the speedIs a very practical option to boost the mobility of the ship.

Rear fire shot

Powermanga Rear fire shotBasic: a classical shot from the rear of the vessel.
Enhanced: an infrared guided missile shot from the rear of the vessel.

Lateral right fire shot

Powermanga Lateral right fire shotBasic: a classical shot from the right of the vessel.
Enhanced: an infrared guided missile shot from the right of the vessel.

Lateral left fire shot

Powermanga lateral left fire shotBasic: a classical shot from the left of the Space Ship.
Enhanced: A guided missile shot from the left of the ship.

Front fire shot

Powermanga front fire shotBasic: a classical shot from the front of the Space Ship.
Enhanced: A guided missile shot from the left of the vessel.

Note: The number of missiles launched from the ship on a basic shot depends of the level. A basic shot at level 4 will launch 4 missiles.

There are 5 options for each level.

If you collect a green or a red gem and go beyond the purchase price of a new ship, you will get automatically an extra gun. The guns are positioned on the sides of the vessels. You cannot install more than 2 guns (one on each side).

Description of the optional vessels


General description

The first ship is the basic patrol vessel that you will pilot at the start of the adventure. It is neither very resistant nor powerful. Its enhanced shots are not infrared guided as are the salves of the other ships. When you get a new ship you receive a more powerful, more resistant ship doted with a higher firepower. Nevertheless, all the other options are downgraded by one level. If you had before any protection satellites or any guns, they will be lost.

The energy gauge

The energy level of the ship increases as the time goes. It will take as more time to complete as the vessel is powerful. Small ships refill faster.

As soon as the energy gauge of a player shows empty, the player loses its ships and is downgraded to the ship he had previously. When the player loses the initial vessel, the game is over. The winning strategy is to aim getting steadily the most powerful Spaceship.

The guns

They shoot continuously. To get a gun you must collect at least 12 green gems (11 to get a new ship and one for a gun). Guns can be destroyed. A vessel cannot have more than two guns simultaneously.

Protection satellites

You get them by collecting the yellow gems. They gravitate around your vessel and protect you from hostile shots. They destroy any hostile ship simply by hurting it. Just like the guns, the satellites can be destroyed. You can get up to 5 satellites around you. When you get the possibility to get a 6th, the satellites already installed get the power to launch powerful electrical discharges on the enemies at each of our shots.

The foes

The bloodsuckers

The bloodsuckers

They are enemies that assault by waves, sometimes led by a chief.

The lonely foes

The lonely foes

The lonely foes come out more rarely than the bloodsuckers; generally when you have destroyed a large number of these nuisances. They are both more resistant and more powerful than the parasites. Generally, they appear when a large number of enemies have been shot. They are more resistant and powerful as the parasites.

The guardians

The guardians are imposing, powerful and very resistant enemies. You will have to build new strategies to get rid of them. They appear at the end of some levels.


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