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Saturday September 1st, 2012

Powermanga 0.91 released

After five years of inactivity around Powermanga, a new version of Powermanga is out. This release updates the "" file, fixes compilation warnings and an alignment constraint for ARM and MIPS processors. It adds the ability to export all the game's graphics in PNG files using the command line. The application recognizes all the joysticks connected at startup and switches to pause when it loses focus. This release also brings a bunch of minor fixes and improvements. Powermanga code source is available from Powermanga download page.

Wednesday September 5th, 2007

Powermanga 0.90 is out

New features in this release include new sounds, joystick support, scale2x/3x/4x effects, volume control, change of high-score file format and bug fixes and stability improvements. The code was considerably cleaned up and rewritten, the source code files were renamed, comments and variables were translated from French to English language and all C++ code was removed and the remaining code was made to conform with C99. Resources files were renamed, GP2X and PSP patches were merged, the license was changed to the GPLv3 and resources files were renamed. Powermanga code source is available from Powermanga download page. More infos on Powermanga 0.90 are available on Freshmeat,, and CVS tree is available on Powermanga SourceForge project page.

Sunday September 3rd, 2006

Powermanga News

About 5 months after the release 0.80 of Powermanga, Stuart Bingë has ported the nice little addictive shoot-em-up to the GP2X (the GP2X is a Linux-based handheld video game console). Powermanga GP2X is available on GP2X File Archive and more information can be found in GP2X dev wiki. In related news, Sergio Melas has also released a Nokia 770 port of Powermanga available on the Maemo 2.0 Applications Catalog.

Friday August 26th, 2005

TecnoballZ ported on BeOS, Pocket PC and FreeBSD

Rafael K has ported TecnoballZ on BeOS/Zeta, it's available on BeBits. The nice brick breaker was also ported to Pocket PC by n0p, and can be found on n0p website. Earlier this year, Jean-Yves Lefort has also released a FreeBSD port of TecnoballZ.

Tuesday March 8th, 2005

Council Presidency Adopts Software Patent Agreement Against Council's Rules

News just in from the Banana Republic: European Council Presidency Adopts Software Patent Agreement Against Council's Rules. Help fight patents now!

Thursday March 3rd, 2005

TecnoballZ 0.91

TecnoballZ version 0.91 has been released; In this release, autoconf and automake support is included, a memory alignment constraint (SPARC processor) is now handled, there was an important change to the score file, a "LEVEL COMPLETED" message was added to the guards levels, and a config file was added. More infos on the game are available on Sukria Dot Net, Freshmeat, and CVS tree is available on BerliOS.

Friday January 28th, 2005

Powermanga Documentation Available Online

The online Powermanga documentation is now released. This was written by Bernard Mouget and Jean-Michel Martind de Santero. Go to the documentation section to read it.

Sunday October 30th, 2004

TecnoballZ 0.90 first release

TecnoballZ is a brick breaker (Arkanoid-like game) with 50 levels of game and 11 special levels. The game was first written for the Commodore Amiga and was completely rewritten for GNU/Linux and SDL. Source-code build and working fine with Mandrake, Gentoo PPC and Debian (but might work with other distributions as well). Debian Package is also available. Thank to Alexis and shad for help. More infos on the game are available on the TecnoballZ page.

Sunday August 1st, 2004

Powermanga 0.79 released

This new release contains lots of bug and memory leak fixes. Thank to Patrice Duhamel and Jozef Behran. Powermanga code source is available from Powermanga download page. Linux packages (Debian, Gentoo, Mandrake, ...) are not available here. Please download source code and compile it. If not, wait until your package is available for your Linux distribution.

Sunday July 25th, 2004

Site redesigned website was redesigned and restructured. The new site is XHTML compliant and makes full use of CSS. It will look best on recent browsers (Mozilla Firefox and Konqueror).


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